Questions to help us build your brand


Development Questions

You have a basic idea, but need help to conceptualise and figure out what will work the best for your new brand. Please fill in the follow question with a much detail as possible. Remember we are only as good as the information we have to work with.

Brief Building0%
Market Research0%
Demo Designs0%
Ui Design0%
Website Build0%


What do you want your customers to do on the site?
Create awarenessCreate an email databaseRead more about your business onlyEmail youCall youSee your locationDownload somethingBuy somethingView images


Will the site be a one page landing page?

Or a multi site website?

Describe the basic style of the website you want?
ModernMinimalisticVibrantFull of contentImage drivenText and download drivenEcommerce - shop

Do you have specific company colours that need to be used?

Do you have a logo?

If no would you be interested in having us create one for you?

Do you have any Marketing material that the site needs to match with?
BrochuresFlyersStationary ItemsNo

If no, would you be interested in having us create material for you?

Are there any websites with designs that you like?

Do you have your own photography / vector images?

If no Would you need custom photography taken?
Or Would you prefer stock images to be bought?

Old Website Questions
If you have a old website please select yes, or continue to competitor info.

If you have an old website, is there any functionality you would like to keep?

What are your top frustrations with your current website?
To slowNot modern enoughNo google rankingBroken

Competitor info

Please list at least 3 competitor websites

What do your current competitors' websites have that you wish to have?


Do you already have a hosting company to host your domain and email servers?

Do you already have a URL / domain name bought and ready to be used?


If no what name did you have In mind?

What type of url extension do you need?

Do you have a web administrator / IT guy?

Do you have emails setup in this domain?

If no, do you require your email accounts to be created and setup for you?


Do you have any 3rd party plugins or API's that need to link into the site from another source?

What elements would you like to be build into the site?
Google MapsImage GalleryPortfolio sectionBlog sectionContact Us FormsImage SlidersTestimonialsLive social media feeds

Do you have social media platforms that need to be linked?
FacebookLinkedinInstagramTwitterGoogle Plus

Will you need artwork created for the headers of these social media platforms to match your new site?

If yes please specify platforms
FacebookLinkedinInstagramTwitterGoogle Plus

Do you have a social media manager?

If no would you be interested to look at having social media management for your platforms, this will include content creation?

Do you manage your own platforms, but need content only, created going forward?


Do you require more advanced setups - custom key words, and google titles for every page? (Highly recommended to rank in google search bar
Do you want Google analytics installed to track your site traffic?

If yes do you have a google analytics account?
If no do you have just a normal google account (gmail.etc) ?

Do you require Pay Per Click Services with Google Adwords to have your website as a Google ad on top of the Google search bars?

If yes do you have an account already setup?


Do you have a budget you are trying to meet?

Thank you for participating in this new quote building system, this will make our meeting more efficient and allow us to quote you more accurately going forward.

Was there any questions you would have like to see or any comments about this form?
(Keep in mind this form is for quoting purposes only and no detailed design questions are covered.)